Disruptive Technology

What “Innovation Reinvented” is all about

Just as Henry Ford transformed the auto industry forever through technology and process, Engineered Floors has set out to do the same with the carpet industry. It’s called “disruptive technology.” Our goal is to bring the highest quality carpet in terms of durability, softness, beauty and ease of maintenance to as many people as possible. To accomplish that, we looked at:

How we make Engineered Floors carpet

As this video explains, we make carpet unlike anywhere else in the world, in the most modern facilities available and in control of every critical step of the process.

PureColor Fiber

Part of the secret to our success is our own solution-dyed carpet fiber called PureColor. To understand what makes PureColor superior to traditional piece-dyed fibers, think of the visual difference between a carrot and radish. With PureColor solution-dyed fiber, the color goes all the way through the fiber, like the color of a carrot. Color on traditional carpet fibers sits on the surface of the fiber, like the color of a radish. Making the color literally part of the carpet fiber has several advantages: